Bacon Bra: The Sexiest and Meatiest Bra?

Hello IGW,

This is one of the funniest finds to date. I present the bacon bra. The bacon bra is the meatiest bra I have ever found. If your definition of fine lingerie is something you can find in your grocer’s freezer you are in luck.

On the bacon bra, I am giving $20.00 USD to the first person who has a picture actually wearing one of these ridiculous things.

To innovation gone horribly wrong.

Hondo- Head Columnist at Innovation Gone Wrong


Bacon Suit

Hello IGWers,

Today I have an incredible find. While many people enjoy eating meat, few choose to wear it.

Today’s awesome find is the bacon suit. The bacon suit is a $100 suit made out of fabric to look like bacon. After that the suit is scented with bacon flavor. This will make your carnivorous mates go wild, but watch out the dogs might be soon to follow.

As always, if you own a bacon suit please write in as I would be amazing to speak with someone that owns one of these suits.

The Bacon Suit


Lawn Mower Follow-Up

Here is a great IGW video. A woman looking like Dorothy from OZ mowing her lawn.


Japanese Animal Bras

Dear IGW Bra Enthusiasts,

Today Japan has raised the bar with the craziest looking animal bra out there. The Japanese company who makes them said they wouldn’t be marketed in Japan, but you gotta be able to sell them here in the U.S.

If you would wear this crazy bra please let me know. Because I’d like pictures from other crazy bra enthusiasts, activists and supporters out there.

Lawn Mowing Shoes

Hello Innovation Gone Wrong Readers,

I have to share one idea that goes into the Innovation Gone Wrong Hall of Fame. Lawn Mowing shoes were derived in 1999. Lawn Mowing shoes let you mow your yard with ease. You just walk around and watch the grass go down. It would either be easier to pay a kid a couple of bucks, get some sheep or let the grass grow.

To bad ideas!


$199.00 Movie

Yep IGWers you heard it a movie rental for $199 dollars.

That is right. My building has a dvd checkout kiosk and it recently charged one of the members $199 for a DVD rental. That is insane. If you forget to move the decimal point in the system every one suffers including the customer, company and bank. Why isn’t there in a check in the system to prevent massive changes in the DVD rental system.

If you have ever paid over $199 dollars for a movie rental please let me know.

Innovation Gone Wrong


Dear Innovation Gone Wrong Constituents,

I heard about Kinoki a couple of months ago and I’m not convinced. I am very skeptical of the viability of Kinoki. At $40.00 a pop it seems quite convenient to make a large prediction that you can get all of the toxins out of the body. I welcome comments to verify the success of the program, but as of right now I have yet to be convinced.

Keep finding the 9/10 start-ups that don’t make it.