Japanese Noodle Protector aka Chindogu

Japanese Face Protector

I recently searched inventions. This is the 3rd image I found. Apparently Japanese men are burning their faces beyond belief. Therefore, I present to you the Ron Popeil “Japanese Shogun Burned Noodle Protector. The actual name is the Chindogu. Meant to protect from noodle juice and almost 100% effective in preventing any second dates.

This had to be shared with the world.



3 Responses

  1. Um… Yeah. This is a “chindogu”. It’s more like art than something that is actually supposed to function. A sort of dadaist inspired kind of innovation. The idea being that yes, it solves a problem (in this case, noodle juice getting on your clothes when you eat ramen) but that using it would be so ridiculous that it makes said invention useless.

  2. Chindogu is actually a japanese art form of inventing useless inovative inventions.

    this noodle protector which keeps your hair out of the noodles or something like that is one such invention.

  3. oh dear…. that is…. odd

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