Cartoon Characters You Just Hate

Hello IGWers,

I thought since it was a Saturday that I would explore the worst cartoon characters to make it on the small screen. has a hilarious poll, but here are a couple of my favorites from the poll.

1. Brainy Smurf- No one really ever liked this fellow. Askmen stated that he used to be hit on the head with a wooden mallet. I don’t even wonder why. If you actually got to watch this show please ring in.

2. Rubik- This is a cube shaped character that had his OWN TV show for a year in the 80s. This cube along with 3 latin characters helped to solve weak crimes in their own way. If anyone ever says you can’t have a show, please just show them a picture of this guy. All this guy had to do was avoid a no talent magician.

I’m sure there are many more terrible cartoon characters, but this is all I’d like to explore right now.




One Response

  1. i got irritated when Mighty Mouse was on when I was I kid. And my mom said that I cried when I was a baby when I saw Woody Woodpecker. Hmmm I wonder.

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