Sponges from Quiznos

Hello IGWers,

A little bit of a television flashback here, but I have to go back to the sponges from Quiznos for one of the most ridiculous advertising campaigns of all-time. Apparently their uttering of “We have a pepper bar” was a huge hit, but who comes up with sponges as your go-to-market campaign?

I have absolutely no idea and am baffled by the the existence of the sponges to start out with. My other thought is what comes before the sponges.

Here are some guesses:

1. Whales- Everyone loves a whale of a deal

2. Talking candles- You know some Beauty and the Beast stuff here

3. Talking sandwiches- unoriginal as it may seem. Quiznos had to think of talking sandwiches before it was all said and done.

4. Leprechauns- This might be a long shot, but leprechauns *in season* are a huge hit.

5. Hippos (both talking and non)- Maybe another stretch, but people need to be sure they are full.

Other brief ideas

6. Talking meat trays

7. Ranger Rick Revived

8. Failed Presidential Candidates

9. Ambassadors to Quiznos Land (You know if they thought of sponges they thought of Quiznos Land)

10. Leased Budweiser Frogs (They knew they could have a chance here, but they didn’t want people to get the mistake that you can’t buy booze at Quiznos)


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