The 99 cent Date

Hello IGWers,

Today we go to the world of dating for one of the worst innovations to-date. Yes, that is the .99 cent date. This is quite insane. One person actually tried it and ended up with some real dumb stuff from a dollar store, but I don’t think the dating continued. So in order to rectify the situation we need to understand what one can actually get for 99 cents these days.

1. 5-12 miles of travel

2. 99 one cent candies

3. a cheap greeting card

4. a can of soda

5. 2 stamps

6. a couple of minutes on an old-school telephone

7. paper

8. pens/pencils

Overall, this list could continue, but the prizes don’t exactly rack up. Spend a little money on the date to keep it going.

More later.


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