The Idea of the Flashmob

Hello IGWers,

I recently came across this idea of the flashmob. I thought this is sure an interesting idea. I’m sure that many people come together on a whim to protest, mob up and over-aggregate.

I started looking into this a little more and this is what I found. According to wikipedia it is when a group suddenly aggregates performs a strange activity and leaves.

This sounds not only fun, but a little ingenious. If I could flash mob on anything, here is what I would do:

1. Average Golfer Flash Mob- Create an instant golf course classic

2. Flash mob a 4 square game

3. Flash mob a bingo drawing

4. Flash mob a yoga class

5. Flash a mob and have everyone look up to throw everyone else off

6. Flash mob Steve Job’s assistants to see how Steve feels without all the attention

7. Flash mob Pauly Shore- He’ll like the attention

8. Flash mob Walden

I don’t have anymore Flash Mobs right now, but I’ll come back with others.



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