Modern Day Trojan Horse

Hello IGWers,

I’m sure many of you know the story of the Trojan horse. For those of you that don’t, here is the quick rundown. The basic story is that the Greeks hid inside of a huge Trojan horse waiting to seize on the opportunity to attack the guards and alert their colleagues of the incoming attack. After the fellow soldiers were alerted, Troy was swiftly attacked.

Now it has been a very long time since this happened, but it got me wondering. What type of device would a modern day Trojan horse type attack take place in? Here are 10 of my favorites:

1. An over-sized Toyota Prius- Eco-friendly and fuel conscious. This is sure to draw a huge crowd in no time.

2. An over-sized iPod. Call it the xetabyte iPod, but if Steve Jobs hypes it up you could draw out any city in the world.

3. An over-sized mortgage check. A real huge check coming on time would definitely attract the banks.

4. The mythical dot-com bubble 2.0. I mean the first bubble attracted so many people and destroyed cities, don’t you think bubble 2.0 could?

5. Subway Jared’s pants- I mean this guy was huge. I’m sure the right group could manage to fit in his pants long enough for an attack.

6. Bear Stearn’s Old Bank Accounts- I mean if you lose billions of dollars. You have to have some banking drawers sitting around, don’t you?

7. Howard Stern’s Sirius Contract- I know you remember Howard’s contract from Sirius. Everyone was so blind-sided that you could definitely attack a village if you released another one of these.

8. Martha Stewart’s self-designed stock certificate escape. While people were so busy pouncing on Martha you could signal anyone you wanted including your own qualified broker.

9. A giant sudoku puzzle. Put this thing on expert and enough people will stand around. But like most expert puzzles the visitors will fade and you will be able to attack.

10. Britney’s Bills- Britney sure can spend money and she has to pay tons of legal bills, custody bills, car bills, failed contracts, etc. This is a no-brainer if you ask me.

Recap- The modern day Trojan Horse is easier than I thought it would be.


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