Presidential Baseball Cards

Hello IGWers,

Hot off the presses here. I have word that Upper Deck. You know Upper Deck the playing card company. The people that charge several bucks for a stinking pack of baseball cards. They are at it with presidential baseball cards. Now I can see putting in Presidential baseball cards.

Several questions about the cards Upper Deck. Are 43 past presidents and 2 current nominees enough to justify printing cards. Are good presidents cards worth more than bad ones? Do assassinated president’s cards pay more? Do you get more or less money after a major event? Say GW before 9/11 or Abraham Lincoln’s card before the end of the Civil War?

Not sure what you are thinking here. Should have justed printed cards for the democratic primaries would have been a bigger sell.

Well I better go and try to find some money to buy myself a gold edition Benjamin Harrison Rookie card. I know that it will be worth a fortune.



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