Rocket Shoes

Hello IGWers,

I started thinking about rocket shoes this morning and how that is a less than stellar invention. I know, I know, flying around unabatedly anywhere you want sounds fine and dandy. You have to think that you could get more mileage out of your rocket shoes than your car so everything should just work out. I say no and in fact a resounding no. NASA has not released rocket shoes yet for a number of reasons which I will outline below. Despite the success of the Rocketeer, October Sky, Apollo 13, Back to the Future and maybe even Space Balls, I think that Hollywood might be having this all wrong unless you are a stunt double.

1. Rocket boosters on your feet sounds exciting until you explode. That is right, explode. Plain and simple rocket fuel is highly dangerous. Had you requested to become ashes this would be perfectly fine.

2. FAA- I can only imagine the hoops that people would go to stop you.

3. Pulling over- If you were wearing rocket shoes and nothing else you would have to be tackled.

4. Michael Jordan- If rocket shoes were to come out His Airness would probably own all the branding rights to the cool rocket shoes.

5. No place for your iPod. Want to listen to music while you casually fly the skies, tough. iPod is synced for running and not flying. However, if Jobs gets a hold of this you might be in luck. I’d expect a Rocket Shoe iPod to run in the mid-$400 range.

Hopefully you have all gained a little more clarity into the dangerous nature of rocket shoes circa 2008.

To more foolish inventions!



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