Upon Request… Motorola Razr

Hello IGWers,

I am privileged to be receiving a specific request about a product. That is right. You guessed it, the Motorola Razr. Whether it was intended to be a phone, a scooter or a shaving device, I’m not sure. The name was terrible, but was the phone?

Now I didn’t own a Razr just a couple of freebie Motorola gems, but I looked around and asked one of my roommates who did.

1. Internet on the phone, pre-iPhone, kind of like Pre-Cambrian was a mess. I mean the Internet had yet to evolve give Motorola that. However, an entirely text based Internet is not what the Internet really was.

Motorola 1, Bad Tech, Human Error, Other (BTHEO) 0

2. I did some further research and found that syncing was a huge issue. I have not liked the ease of syncing on any device except my external hard drive. Something always goes wrong no matter who you are. Score is tied Motorola 1, BTHEO 1

3. Phone calling- Motorola wins here. As its self-designed intention Motorola worked as a phone. Sometimes the only function that worked, but it did work and millions of people owned it.

Motorola 1, BTHEO 2

4. The Razr screen was flimsy. I once heard of a guy owning 7 different Razr phones. Why you would keep going back to the same one is beyond me, but he did.

Motorola 2, BTHEO 2

5. Public recall for faulty headsets- This tips the scales. I mean the company bought those parts and had them installed. Granted they may not have known at the time, but that is a corporate mistake and not a BTHEO.

Motorola 3, BTHEO 2

I’m not exactly going to the victor go the spoils. Bad technology, lack of corporate oversight, cost savings, human errors and other problems influence all phones on the market. Motorola received a ton of criticism for one reason. People bought the phones. The more phones you have the market, the more criticism you are open to.

Stay tuned for an overview of other phones gone wrong.

Also, if you think you got another invention that has gone off the deep end please write in.

To more electronics failures!


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