Famous Brothers or Sisters

Hello IGWers,

I started thinking about some celebrities and big shots and what they might have said to their siblings or parents growning up.

1. Stephen Hawking- Stephen says, “I don’t want to play in the damn sandbox. I’m figuring out the time space continuum leave me alone, just leave me alone.”

2. Albert Einstein-  Albert says, “I swear my grades will get better. I know it, I just know it.”

3. Jerry Seinfeld-  Jerry says, “I wanna be superman. Mom, I want to be spiderman.”

4. Donald Trump- Donald says, “Dad, I didn’t mean to fire him.”  Father says, “Donald, he is your brother you can’t fire him.”

5. James Audobon- James says, “I’ll tell you the name of every bird I know.”

6. Cal Ripken Jr. Cal says, “I’m not going to leave.” Father says, “Cal it is 12pm, you have to come home. All the other kids are sleeping.”

7. Warren Buffett- Warren says, “Need help with that pinball table?”

To more childhoods gone wrong!



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  1. I Love #2! ha ha ha! 🙂 Great stuff!

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