Recipe Stealing

Hello IGWers,

I came across another bright idea that I don’t think should be considered that innovative. I ran across someone with the magic recipe for tons of different fast food specialties. Not only is this a bonehead move trying to steal the ingredients of fast food, but how far is it going to get you. You think if you steal KFC’s recipe that you are going to build a chicken fast food empire? I don’t like it. I like the ingenuity and the quest for recipes, but really stealing these recipes. By the way, who proves the recipes if they’re right? It is not like the Colonel is going to tell you you’ve hit the jackpot.

Good riddance to recipe stealing.



2 Responses

  1. Hondo,

    Did you ever stop to think that maybe people love, for instance, KFC’s fried chicken, and want to make it at home?

  2. I did consider it. But, as I acknowledge in the article you will not know entirely if you got it 100% right. Best of luck to anyone that wants to copy the Colonel.


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