Television That Will Probably Not Work

Hello IGwers,

I thought about ideas for shows that would not work.

1. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous- Lifestyles of the Poor and Unrecognizable will not work.

2. CSI Miami, New York, Las Vegas- CSI Rural Idaho doesn’t work

3. Everyone knows Big Brother- Big Step-Brother doesn’t really work.

4. American Idol works of course- Mongolian Idol does not.

5. The Hills works- The Mid-Ocean Ridges does not.

6. Newlyweds works- The Already Been Married Forever does not.

7. Bridezilla works- Groomzilla is the worst idea for a show yet.

8. The Office works- The Gas Station does not.

9. Mythbusters works well. MythAccepters sucks.

10. Weeds works. Scrubs just doesn’t work.

To more horrible television!



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