Extreme Hot Sauce

Hello IGWers,

People spend a lot of time trying to top each other in the hottest sauce on the face of the earth. There is a winner that can not be topped only tied. The hottest sauce is Blair’s 16 Million reserve. Hot sauce and salsa well peppers and chiles for that matter are rated on the Scoville scale of hotness. You touch the hardest substance or diamond on Moh’s scale you’ll be all right. You touch 16 Million Reserve you’ll probably be in the emergency room.

Now I understand the point of making salsa and stuff you can eat, but really who is eat this. I saw you had to sign disclaimers for some of the sauces that hot. Interesting past time, but you don’t want to prank your friends with this stuff. You’ll end up with an attempted murder charge.

To more flaming hot sauce!



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