How Innovative is the Best Price Guarantee?

Hello IGWers,

I was shopping around for a flight yesterday and I came across another gem of the airline industry. If you weren’t already less than excited about the lack of innovation for the customers, it gets worse. The best price guarantee is one of those hidden nuggets about the airline industry. Some airlines will take the lowest commercial price. I’m not complaining about receiving lower airfares, I’m all for that. I just think the only airline commercial I ever see is something generic like “Fly the friendly skies.” Man, that is pathetic. You have real cost savings and you are advertising friendly skies. Airlines, how often are their unfriendly skies really? Every time that happens its 9 hours in the terminal anyways.

Please airlines for the sake of all parties involved. Advertise the best price guarantee. Take off the surcharge on the bags, speed up the check-in line, don’t make me get a cavity search after going to Starbucks, give me a can of soda for under $3.00 and speed up the seat belt routine.

Well, I guess I joined the laundry list of people who have ranted against the airlines.

To airline innovation gone right!



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