Naked Sports

Hello IGWers,

I was reading this morning about a naked soccer match that took place between Germany and Austria. Now this is the first time I have heard of naked soccer. I am not a nudist and naked sports are pretty scary to me. Following is a list of the least exciting naked sports.

1. Equestrian- Riding horseback naked is not such a great idea

2. Naked baseball- Again, getting a ball thrown at you 90mph doesn’t sound great.

3. Lacrosse- Why? These athletes wear helmets and pads for good reason.

4. Fishing- Hooks are sharp enough said.

5. Poker- At your home maybe, but at a casino this won’t fly.

6. Tennis- This is actually done somewhat, but it sounds foolish.

7. Raquetball- Have you ever been hit by a racquetball?

8. Curling- No one enjoys getting undressed on ice.

9. Ice skating- Going the same way as curling. No one pulls a triple axle in their birthday suit.

10. Golf- Not that you can’t but the beer cart lady may or may not stop depending on what she sees.

To more horrible naked sports!


3 Responses

  1. Hello, I’m doing a newsppaer report on naked sports in Germany. Do you know if the above sports are actually practised (anywhere at all)? Any help appreciated. Thanks

  2. A Excellent blog post, I will bookmark this post in my Mixx account. Have a good evening.

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