High Food Prices

Hello IGWers,

The price at the pump is upping the cost of many different products out there. I recently heard that General Mills is reducing the price of a bunch of different cereals to reduce the cost of shipping the boxes. I started thinking what else is going to get smaller because of fuel prices.

1. Cell Phones- As George Carlin eluded to these things are going to be the size of a grain of sand very soon.

2. Keyboards- No longer shipping the extra keys. You want them? Tough!

3. Books- You want a real book? You will have to pay more especially if digital can be produced cheaper.

4. Cds and DVDs- Digital only. Seeing the faces of your favorite artists may soon be out the door.

5. Shoes- You may get your shoes, but the laces will be extra.

To lower food prices!



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