Free Trials

Hello IGWers,

I think that innovation often starts with something that you don’t know and then you figure it out.

I mean the testing of chemicals and bringing different things together is an excellent idea in creating innovative products. However, is a free trial offer really the best way to market that innovation. Now, I understand that offering a free trial for pharmaceuticals is something that might be ok, but aren’t there certain objects that just don’t need testing.

1. Netflix- Renting a DVD through the mail shouldn’t be free. So, I’m guessing that you have never picked up either a DVD before or are not quite sure how to take things out of your mailbox.

2. Free magazines- A free trial is interesting, but every month the magazine has different articles and different stories. Is a free trial for a magazine that perpetually changes a great idea? I don’t think so .

3. Free trial CDs- This used to be all the rage. I mean everyone used to subscribe to a CD warehouse and get a whole bunch of CDs. Now, with unlimited music online, I am going to need free CDs and much more than a free trial.

To more free trials gone wrong.



One Response

  1. I think it depends on the product. Let’s take computer games or even software. They usually have a demo version to introduce the customer to the feel of the product, but with limited features. There could also be free trials for a month or so, which is a great way to tempt him. This makes it a great marketing tool. I would like to get your views on innovation on our blog

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