Share Your Wildfire Videos?

Hello IGWers,

I was looking around at CNN today and saw their special section devoted to sharing your wildfires. Immediately I became quite concerned about this concept. Is my roommate going to start a wildfire just to get more hits on YouTube? I can’t be sure.

The idea of keeping everyone safe from actual wildfires seems noble enough, but this idea of turning everyone into a novice documentary filmmaker seems a bit odd.

Here is my rationale behind not sharing my wildfire videos.

1. Smokey the Bear has way more press than I will ever get. It seems a bit futile.

2. I’m worried about the viral arsonists. Trying to top the YouTube rolls these people burn everything in their pathes.

3. The wildlife. People are pretty much stumbling over the wildlife to become engulfed in the flames.

4. iReporting doesn’t pay well. Yes, it is great to be on television, but free documentaries don’t exactly kick out the royalties.

5. Michael Moore won’t respect you. Not a lot of interviews, controversy or drama in taping fires in the valley.

6. It is all fun until your house burns. So, lets say you do capture fabolous film, but then your house goes down. How good do you really feel?

7. The Bloodhound Gang already has the lyrics for the perfect fire song. You can’t really move over to song lyrics if your video doesn’t get cast.

8. No retakes. You can’t just tell the fire to backoff.

9. Firejumpers yes. Firefighters maybe. Rescue Me and Backdraft are pretty great movies and shows. You don’t see a lot of Firejumpers making movies. Not a lot of drama in fighting the woodlands.

10. Inability to switch between natural resources. Just because you are great at filming wildfires may or may not make you great at filming floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc.

Hopefully wildlife fires tame down a little. We don’t need John Doe filmmaker to die capturing 20 seconds of film for YouTube.


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