Unlimited Message Routing

Hello IGWers,

In order to prevent any real work from going on in today’s offices, I have come up with an invention. The invention is a bit complex follow me for a minute. Here are the new steps of converting a 20 second email message into a 2 hour message find. The proposal is as follows:

1. Start by sending your message through your work email.

2. The message then is diverted to your old Hotmail account you started back in ’96. Being you can’t remember the password and Hotmail has changed 10 times you forget the password. (Elapsed time is now 15 minutes)

3. The message then goes to your school email. As you lost your privileges for turning in a book 3 seconds late you are delayed another 15 minutes. Total elapsed is now approaching 30 minutes.

4. The message then goes through your school email to your Fantasy Football email. Ok, maybe you don’t have a Fantasy Football email. Then it goes to your Fantasy Baseball email. As you still haven’t paid your dues and you are tracking down one of your friends from the 7th grade this process takes a solid half an hour. (Total elapsed time is now 1 hour).

5. From the Fantasy Football email you divert the message to your Twitter account. As you can only read part of the email you send it to your email through you phone provider. Your Twitter account was fast and took only two minutes. Total elapsed time is equal to 62 minutes.

6. You divert the message back to your phone which you left at home. You take 45 minutes to go home and retrieve the phone. Total elapsed time is now equal to 107 minutes.

7. Sending it from your phone to office is incompatible so you now elapse two hours and decide to take the rest of the day off.

Who said email wasn’t your friend has got to be kidding. Heck you could have turned a joke email from a co-worker into a full day of paid work. Nice job.

To more innovative ways to check for email!



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