Who has more friends?

Hello IGWers,

I started thinking about the whole social networking debate about who has more friends, Facebook or MySpace. Well it looks like Facebook now has the edge. It prompted a unique thought. Everyone is Tom’s friend. A human to human connection if you will. Everyone has their own friends on Facebook. So with this rationale Facebook is the most popular site in the web, however, Tom kicks the crap out of everyone else in terms of friendships.

Now this got me thinking. Facebook has millions of friends, but it really doesn’t have that many friends in terms of corporations. Say you wanted to buy a Coca Cola for all your fellow enthusiasts. You would spend billions. The same idea goes for McDonald’s, Disney, Microsoft and Apple. To be fair, you may not consider them all your friends, but if you use their products I consider them your friend.

So as I see it, Facebook may be worth 15 billion dollars, but it will never surpass the amount of friends of the bigger companies.

Think also of the friendship impact of the bigger companies. Mexico’s former President was from Coca Cola, Walt Disney ran the entertainment business. Apple is a religion in parts of the country. Facebook’s employees may continue to run tomorrow’s future, but are they going to run countries, government’s and the lifeblood of today’s economy? I guess we have yet to see.

To social networks running countries!



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