Could Wind Powered Beanies Make Us Energy Independent?

Hello IGWers,

It should come as no surpise that the race to save the planet is well underway. We are experiencing unprecedented innovation in the energy market. However, cars that go further distances and carbon neutral houses may pale in comparison to my proposed invention.

If you are playing at home, the invention is of course the wind powered beanie. The idea is simple you take a beanie like the one presented below.

Under the hat you use a battery converter to convert all of the wind power into energy that can be used to power everything on your person. That is right your cell phone, iPod and even computer could all be powered on your person just having you walk around.

So Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Venezuela, you better watch out. If 300 million Americans start generating wind power just by walking we are going to greatly reduce our need for oil. However, you may feel safety in the fact that only part of our country walks and fewer yet are likely to wear a beanie. I guess you are safe for now, but the fact remains that innovation is going to hit very very hard.

To energy independence through casual strolling!



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  2. Tahnks for posting

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