Counting Sheep is Inferior

Hello IGWers,

As a public service announcement, I am declaring that counting sheep is no longer valid. A test was conducted in 2002 at Oxford University and they said that counting sheep was clearly inferior. My guess is that after this test the desirability of the counting sheep was greatly diminished allowing Serta to dominate the market with their advertising campaign.

It turns out that thinking about waterfalls and the beach will put you to sleep much faster.

I imagine that they tested a number of things before they settled on these two things. Here is what would put me to sleep even faster than the beach.

1. Pauly Shore movies- Does this need an explanation?

2. The barometric pressure channel

3. Family Matters

4. Reading the dictionary

5. The blue screen of death

6. CMT

7. Martin Lawrence films

8. Kinoki footpad commercials

9. E True Hollywood Story- Bobcat Goldthwait

10. America Can’t Dance Season 14

Hopefully you can catch the necessary zzzs.



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