Holy Batman…Cat Wigs?!

Hello IGWers,

I was alerted to this today. But it seems that cats have become quite a fashion statement since I last saw them. Today marks the first day I have been exposed to the Uma Thurman of cats. I’m afraid she killed Bill, meowed and quietly walked away.  The invention at heart here is the Cat Wig available on kittywigs.com.  You can buy them for $50.00.

I’d say that Kitty Wigs gets hit harder than most businesses in a down economy. Sorry cats I can’t afford to buy you new hair this month. I have to pay for my apartment and gas. You think money grows on trees cats?

In all honesty, the Kitty Wigs go to support ASPCA or the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Although the Kitty Wigs are a bit crazy they do support the animals wearing them.

Full information is available at www.kittywigs.com

To more hilarious pet inventions!



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