Seeing Eye Dog- Take That!

Hello IGWers,

I don’t know what has happened, but the popularity of the helper monkey has exploded in recent days. I have had numerous requests coming in to speak more about it. Untrained helper monkeys are innovation gone wrong. Trained helper monkeys are saving the day. Living 2-3x longer than seeing eye dogs these stealthy creatures are here to serve. That is after you have put them through school for 7 years. It is like they have a medical degree or something. If they are able to pay off their student loans, you end up with a highly certified helper monkey.

What can a helper monkey do? Glad you asked. The helper monkey can wash your face, microwave your food, put in your favorite DVD and open your bottles.

However, be careful. The rogue helper monkeys unionize. They might just drink your soda. They may or may not do your laundry depending on how late you let them stay up.

Overall, the process of a owning a helper monkey is a lengthy ordeal, but it will pay off in the end.

To helper monkeys solving all of our woes!


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