Social Networking is Not Everlasting

Hello IGWers,

I have been thinking about social networking and I have decided that all social networking is not so social. So I thought about the social networks that may not work.

1. Social networking for weddings. How much attention is paid to weddings after you get married?

2. Social networking for fisherman. How many fisherman do you see with laptops in their boats?

3. Social networking for allergies. How likely are you to share with the world the pollen count in a given area?

4. Social networking for color blindness. Are you effected with color blindness? Share the colors you can’t see with the world.

5. Social networking for ism’s. Create and share your friends best and worst sayings.

To more social networks gone wrong!



3 Responses

  1. Are these purely your imagination or real existing social networks? If it’s your imagination, how can you cite these as examples of social networks gone wrong?

  2. And I quote, “So I thought about the social networks that may not work.”

    I find funny stuff. I invent others. This is strictly for my amusement.

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