Ten Emotion Filled Sports Movies

Hello IGWers,

Important news today. The best way to make a sports movie is simple. I mean extremely simple. Insert said sport and then insert an emotion.

Example Love and Basketball already out there.

To test my theory we will try 10 other sports and see what we get

1. Keen Sailing-A box office hit I imagine

2. Hate and Soccer- A documentary for sure here somewhere

3. The Abandoned Kite- A murder sports mystery perhaps?

4. Cut-Throat Four Square- A battle to the death?

5. Mystical Midget Car Racing- A stretch perhaps

6. Hassled High Jump- A very distracting movie I imagine

7. Guilty Prisoner Ball- An ex-con movie for sure

8. Hysterical Dressage- A horse fan’s dream movie if you ask me

9. Nutty Noodling- Guys reaching down and grabbing huge catfish. This one works.

10. Vivacious Yak Polo- A foreign film if you ask me. Big potential in China pending Ling LIng’s approval of course.

To more emotions and movies!


P.S. Any Hollywood writer talent scouts, I’m available for all your films naming needs.


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