McRandom- Spooky McDonald’s Sandwiches

Hello IGWers,

I was just reading a blog where the title was the McRandom. I thought this is a very very funny idea. People get extremely weirded out if they don’t know what they are being served. I think if you were to order a McRandom you expect any of the following.

1. Bacon between two donuts. I think that this captures the general Krispy Creme audience as well as most of the male demographic. Probably better than the McGriddle if you ask me.

2. A McRandom could also be a breakfast burrito wrapped in a churro. Hot and sweet. It would drive audiences wild. Jk. But it is funny nonetheless.

3. A McRandom could also be a raw piece of fruit. Wouldn’t that freak the McDonald’s audience out. I’d like a number 15, the McRandom. And they pull up to find a tangerine. Holy crap would they be mad. I think the only requirement for going to McDonald’s is calories. You can’t ask for fries with a tangerine.

Just a couple of thoughts on what a McRandom could be. Open to many more suggestions.



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