iTunes Packaged Deals

Hello IGWers,

This is more of a rant than a stupid invention. I have been trying like mad and failing to get multiple songs from iTunes. The purpose of iTunes is to be able to buy the songs you like no matter what. I’m not super concerned with the artists that don’t want to list on iTunes. That is their prerogative.

I am super mad about the fact that if you choose some rare songs it is quite likely that you have to buy an entire CD in order to get the songs. On a self selection music system, when should this ever be the case? iTunes stop busting my chops here. I want one song, not 14 and I’m not about to pay you another $10.00 just to get that one song.

Jobs…figure this out. Btw, you got lucky if you based your iTunes price to a gallon of gas. Now people can get 4 songs in comparison instead of 2 when you started. Nice work.

To iTunes becoming a self-healing body!



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