Adultery League

Hello IGWers,

I was watching The Soup this morning and came across an interesting idea. They mentioned an Adultery League to keep up with our latest celebrity f up’s. I think that this league would be tremendously popular. Fantasy football accounts for billions of dollars of lost productivity per year. I think if we add a Fantasy Adultery League that lost productivity could double. Now we are covering the interests of women and men and gay and straight. I think this is a tremendous idea.

My idea to make this idea come to life is a dependable point schedule. You can have starters and reserves. You also get points for marriage abuse and sexual friction from the star’s assistants and close relatives. This way you keep up the pace of the game.

Also, bonus points if it can be confirmed that the stars cheated on their spouse with another star. However, minus points if you fool around with Screech or Pauly Shore.

Hopefully the Fantasy Adultery League takes off.

To more celebrities gone wrong!



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