Barbie and Bratz are fighting again

Hello IGWers,

Looks like that perfectly proportioned blonde is at it again. This time she isn’t working on her look. She is looking at bossing around some of the other girls. The Bratz doll is the victim. Bratz became very popular and started taking over Barbie’s space. Barbie is saying she wants her space back.

The innovation gone wrong occurs when the head designer for Barbie goes to work for Bratz. She decided to use Barbie’s parts and Mattel’s time however. Mattel is having none of that.

A large judgment awaits that could bring Barbie back to the top of the throne in the doll market. If Barbie doesn’t win she’ll sure slap the heck out of Bratz and all her friends.

To more Barbie battling!


One Response

  1. barbie and bratz dont fight please be friends again dont fight fight is not goood ok bye see you later ok

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