Urban Chicken Farming

Hello IGWers,

Today we found an article that talked about urban chicken farming. There is a company out of the U.K. called Omlet that focuses on bringing chickens in little pens into the cities. So we started thinking about other former barnyard animals that could make their way into the city. We also thought of other ways to live off the land without having any.

1. Cows living in the bathtube for easy clean-up

2. Because we don’t pay for water so we decided that we could run a miniature Hoover Dam to power our electronics. You don’t need lights with the soft glow of the CW.

3. Sheep sewn into the comforters

4. Acting animals in the closets

5. Penguin community in the freezer

6. The toe cleaning carp in your shower

For those of you owning 150-1500 sq. ft. you are certainly in luck with all of these rural to urban animal and crop transplants.

To more urban farming.



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