Rocketeer Emerges

Hello IGWers,

I have to say that the personal jetpack has emerged onto the scene as of today. It is slightly smaller than a grand piano, but you can hover in the air. The fact that the jet pack has appeared is not an innovation gone wrong. People have spent countless hours trying to get people to fly on their own. However, I am a little concerned about the safety of wheeling a grand piano on your back filled with gasoline safety flying the friendly skies. I think that government is going to kill this innovation. People flying around everywhere makes them harder to find and certainly harder to control their speed limit.

The Rocketeer is also not that great of a movie for a rival. Oh sweet, night time news will be all over it, eventually leading to more stupid Rocketeer toys at BK. At least BK doesn’t have to launch another King based video game.

To the Rocketeer destroying a flock of geese!



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