Why Airlines Will be Gyms

Hello IGWers,

The recent news of Delta Airlines charging for a second checked bag is quite disturbing for a number of reasons. The first of which is that $50.00 for a stupid second bag is irrational. The second is now every man, woman and child is going to try to fit everything in the overhead bin. You wanted shorter lines, you got them with the cost of airfare, but you have to subtract the packing fails that everyone from Uncle Joe to Grandma Carol encounter when stuffing an over-sized bag in the over-head bin. Third, it is a simple equation. The next hike is another surcharge on the bags. However, following that is obviously a weightloss program. But, if you look at your success in weightloss programs you might be successful as you have obviously failed two other ones before.

Hey airlines, you make me step on a scale, I am going to have to use one of those Rocketeer contraptions or worse. I might have to fly heavy heavy discount. You know the type of planes that were christened when nuclear test drills were still normal. I certainly don’t want that airlines so please behave yourselfs.

To airlines sucking the life out of travel, food, daylight, budgets and vacations. Why don’t you just kill a baby seal and hit a pedestrian so you can anger everyone airlines?



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