Black Bears Don’t Play Golf

Hello IGWers,

I found out yesterday that a black bear was spotted at the Senior U.S. Open. Well it is normal for smaller animals to casually graze the land. The bear running through the course put fear into some of the spectators on the course. This incident may be unique to a major championship, but definitely not to courses across the land.

It got me thinking about what other animals are going to interrupt or have interrupted major sporting events.

1. Birds at Wimbledon- These pigeons don’t lay off and sometimes are creeping around in the wrong places.

2. Birds at the World Series- Not been so funny if Don Larsen’s 1957 Perfect Game would have been over because of birds now would it.

What is possible.

1. Dogs at Poker tables- The famous picture will explain everything you want to know.

2. Deer at Lambeau- With thousands of hunters throughout Wisconsin Lambeau might be the only safe place for deer.

This also got me thinking. Does anyone account for a massive zoo escape before they throw one of the super events. This would sure make things pretty interesting if more over-sized mammals got into a large sporting venue.

To a peaceful co-existence between the Golden Bear and black bears!



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