Innovation Gone Wrong Superfail: Dog Swimming Suits

Hello IGWers,

Many of you out there love your dogs to death. I commend you for having that enthusiasm. However, the people that service you and design products for your dog are responsible for the next innovation gone wrong. The invention is of course the dog swimming suit.

The dog swimming suit comes in one piece or two piece. This apparently only for the super trendy and a bit insane folk. The swimming suit is over 40 bucks.

I can’t believe this s**t. There are wars, poverty, starvation and people are buying these stupid dogs swimming suits. You know that dressing dogs in human clothes doesn’t make them human? I’m continually challenged to accept new levels of human insanity.

Enjoy the dog swimming suit. I can only imagine you have your dog wear it when you are walking your kid(s) on a leash.



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