Innovation SuperFail: Banana Protector

Hello IGWers,

After thousands of centuries, one of the most ridiculous inventions has emerged to help mankind. That item is of course the banana protector. The banana protector is meant to protect your fruit. So apparently boxes, bags, and good old human ingenuity don’t work anymore. We have to protect ourselves from fruit, our coffee and everything else under the son. This is crazy.  What is even more astonishing is that you can protect your banana in seven different colors. Awesome I’ll carry my yellow banana in a red case and throw everyone off. That is sure to happen.

Thanks for sharing. I’ll be sure to use this invention the same time as my unfrozen popsicle drink mix.



One Response

  1. You are wrong, wrong, wrong.
    I found these comments when looking for where to buy a banana protector, which I think is a genius idea. I am sick of my pristine banana being bruised and mashed by the time I get to work, no matter what container I put it in.

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