Paying with Coins is Weird

Hi IGWers,

A bit of a break and not by choice. I have been outrageously busy. However, while reading today. I found out that a man brought in 8k worth of coins to buy a car. I can’t believe this. With virtual money and credit cards, isn’t this one of the most ridiculous things ever. Have you ever tried to fit 8k of  quarters  in your pockets? I hope not.

I hope the insanity ceases.


3 Responses

  1. I built up 10 years worth of pennies and they have paid for all my non essential this summer… movies…coffee…papers…

    I am never refused but boy do I get looked down upon…. killing them off slowly seamed preferable to dragging them all down to the bank

  2. Apparently he didn’t trust paper money because it can burn… he paid for the other half of the bill with a check.

  3. CASH. It’s the wave of the future.

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