Sleep Number Expert is Not Don Juan

Hello IGWers,

I went to the mall the other day and low and behold, the Sleep Number attendee was sitting around. I know that attendees at a number of stores sit around, but this wasn’t the BK kid slacking off or the kid from Mickey Dee’s just hanging around in the back of the store. No, the Sleep Number expert was sitting on a bed with a variable sleep number and he was bouncing up and down giving off the Don Juan/Hugh Hefner vibe. I tell you I don’t care if both sides of the mattress are 0 or are 50. This scale in no way reflects your manliness. Frankly, selling beds is one step above Victoria Secret in the manliness scale.

So, next time you think that you are going to attract women because you sell beds step back. You are not Don Juan. You are the Sleep Number expert. I know Sleep Number uses live people that is only because live bears and sheep just aren’t good with customers.

To the Sleep Number expert not over-doing it any more!


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