Floridians Can’t Laugh Too Much

Hello IGWers,

I found this story searching the Internet and it is a bit ridiculous. The story is of a Floridian women who was fired from her job as a waitress for nothing other than laughing. So hardworking, loyal and dedicated may not be enough from the Land of Hanging Chads. That is right laughing of all things can get you fired. The women who was fired was also unable to do anything to rectify the situation.

My guess is happier workers are better workers, but Florida you obviously have your own rules. More information available at http://www.local6.com/news/16594550/detail.html.



The Unretirement

Hello IGWers,

Many many things bother me as is evidence by this blog. However, few things bother me worse than a reversal of destiny. Friends and readers, I am of course talking about the unretirement. This critical juncture takes place at about the time that money suddenly looks good again and either you have too much and you don’t know what to do or too little and you are back without choice.

The unretirement can not simply be called going back to work. You have technically renounced that you seek to be employed again. The retirement signifies that it is all over. You have amassed what you would like to amass and that is that. However, the unretirement breaks all protocol. You renounce the renouncement. You say to the world I’m back and I never really left. However, very few people can actually pull this off. Notable exceptions include: Michael Jordan and Brett Favre.

All of the unretirement talk is in the face of Lance Armstrong coming back out of retirement. Frankly, I really remembered he left. Gone a year or two that is nothing. If you athletes just want to have press meetings just buy a webcam it is much cheaper and then you can do what you want in the long term.

To fewer unretirees!


Animals get thrown in jail

Hello IGWers,

A very funny story has emerged from Egypt. It appears that a donkey has been charged with theft. Believe it or not, but the donkey was thrown in jail for the stealing of corn. The donkey was sentenced to 24 hours in jail. The owner of the donkey was subject to a fifty dollar fine. Well, I’m glad the donkey didn’t get charged the money, I’m not sure how he would have paid it back.

This does prompt a question. Do donkeys or any other animals get an automatic pass to kangaroo court?

To more hilarious animal citations!


Biggest Burger

Hello IGWers,

I could not believe my eyes when I saw this. This burger is 123 lbs. That is massive. Lets say you invited 123 people over that is still a lb. per person. I can not believe this. Denny’s Beer Barrel also produces a hefty 15 lb. version and heftier 50 lb. version. I guess if you are really, really hunger you should hit up the Denny’s (Like 10 Grand Slams Calorie wise).

To more burger challenges gone wrong!


Wearable Products Crack Me Up

Hello IGWers,

I don’t know what gets into some people, but they sure like wearing things that the average individual would have to be offered money to wear. Here are a few of my favorites I have found over the last couple of days.

1. The first has to be the wearable hummingbird house. Hummingbirds for those that don’t know fly really fast so the reason that you’d want one by your face is beyond me.

2. The second item is obviously the chair that your friends sit on top of each other with. I guess if you just feel like acting like royalty and having your friend cart you around all day this is what you are looking for.

3. The portal and wearable Christmas tree. I don’t know what got into people on this one, but it is pretty funny.

These are my favorite three. Hopefully there will be more to follow. As always, I invite and encourage your comments.

To more wearable innovation gone wrong!


Some Really Terrible Inventions

Hello IGWers,

Today, I found for you a video of some inventions that were trying to get into the marketplace. To your dismay, some of them actually made it. I encourage you to let me know what you think of these videos. Please enjoy.

Hondo[livevideo id=1B80760C9E564D1E9F1972FE8EF9C2D2]

Safest Places to Store Your Cash

Hello IGWers,

With the fall downfall of the current market and media loaded with tips on saving you from financial loom. I have devised a list of the