The Club 2.0

Hello IGWers,

I came across an invention I think I’ll just have to share with everyone today. That invention is the club with a twist. So instead of a loud blaring noise keeping intruders out of your vehicle, you hit them with something that will make them go home eventually. That is of course club/party music along with the original Club. This device activates as soon as someone breaks in.

The downfall of the device is obvious, not only do you have someone break-in your car, you also have then try to find an area to request club music. Finding no areas, they carve playlists into the back of your seats.

So now you have multiple individuals dancing the night away in your car. It attracts so much attention that a random bouncer pops out from nowhere and starts enforcing a dress code. As if this wasn’t bad enough, the initial perpetrator declares that a cover now exists. So now you have the perpetrator with a large group of his friends, a bouncer and a guy charging cover.

The next you think about a security device think about the club 2.0. I mean how hard will it be to shut down a party on the side of a random street?

To the hit beats of the club 2.0.



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