The Unretirement

Hello IGWers,

Many many things bother me as is evidence by this blog. However, few things bother me worse than a reversal of destiny. Friends and readers, I am of course talking about the unretirement. This critical juncture takes place at about the time that money suddenly looks good again and either you have too much and you don’t know what to do or too little and you are back without choice.

The unretirement can not simply be called going back to work. You have technically renounced that you seek to be employed again. The retirement signifies that it is all over. You have amassed what you would like to amass and that is that. However, the unretirement breaks all protocol. You renounce the renouncement. You say to the world I’m back and I never really left. However, very few people can actually pull this off. Notable exceptions include: Michael Jordan and Brett Favre.

All of the unretirement talk is in the face of Lance Armstrong coming back out of retirement. Frankly, I really remembered he left. Gone a year or two that is nothing. If you athletes just want to have press meetings just buy a webcam it is much cheaper and then you can do what you want in the long term.

To fewer unretirees!



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