Shout Outs

Hello IGWers,

I often bring you the bad or severely hurting. Today I like to shout out to a couple of my favorites on the positive side.

1. MojoHD- I don’t know if you get this channel, but I could watch 24 hours a day if I had the time. Best lineup ever period.

2. Pandora- I don’t know how you make enough money to support me 12-18 hours a day, but you are doing a fine job about keeping me awake during some times when lesser men and women would have fallen asleep.

3. Seeqpod- Still don’t understand how you are legal, but you keep me entertained for extremely long stretches.

4. Techcrunch- Without you I would read the my regional paper for the tech news. That is so last century and I love the ranting and the tech news.

5. Newegg- Why people pass up deals this could is beyond me. I only keep my credit card handy one in five sessions because I don’t believe I can live in the middle of a processor. If I could I’d change my mind.

Thanks for all the great work. You are Innovations Gone Right in an Innovation Gone Wrong environment.



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