Decorative Pillows

Hello IGWers,

This innovation gone wrong comes straight from personal experience. This innovation is the decorative pillow. Although the decorative pillow has been around a long time, I still have to question its true motivation. Is it a decoration or a pillow? I don’t believe that it can be both. For it to be a pillow, it needs to provide rest and satisfaction. However, the decoration in it leans it the other way to a worthless pile of nothingness about as valuable as that stuffed animal lying on your bed. Decorative pillows continue to bother me.

For a perfect analogy, it is like that last bit of gas you put in your car to fill it up. It works until you reach the limit, but everything after that stuff is just spilling over and you are pissed because you now have gas on your shoes. This is what I think of decorative pillows. To some they might provide something, but that last little bit of overkill can throw anyone over the edge.

Here is a sample of what I’m talking about.


To more innovation gone wrong!



One Response

  1. Hey Kyle! I read about your decorative pillows. I agree, they have no purpose.

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