Running Board Dog

Hello IGWers,

Somedays you just don’t want Fido in the car riding with you. He is going to bark and make a mess of the place. Well, apparently if you lived in the 1950s you used to be able to have Fido have his own little area alongside of you even while not being in the car.

running board dog

I don’t quite think it would work today, but I’m sure someone has tried.

To more dog-gone innovation gone wrong!



Uncomfortable Couches

Hello IGWers,

Now I’m all for expressing creativity, but sometimes it goes a little far in the furniture realm. When I’m watching the boob tube I just want to sit back and relax. Unfortunately for me I have to worry about getting comfortable in the following settings.

The Cactus Couch

The Oil Couch

The Fire Couch

Well hopefully you have a more comfortable place to kick back in the summer than those couches.

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When the Score Doesn’t Improve

Hello IGWers,

Many of you probably are hitting the links this summer perfecting your game. However, becoming Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson is easier said than done. At times when you really aren’t hitting that 300 yard drive or hitting that 30 ft. putt there are some awards for you and your colleagues.

Check out for some hilarious awards.


worst golfer


To more golf innovation gone wrong!


The Insult Bar

Hello IGWers,

A bar in Spain is trying to come up with a bit of a different twist to try and get people’s minds off the global recession or at least the recession in Spain for them. They are encouraging people to swear and take their frustrations out on the waiters at the bar.

In fact, as Reuters stated, “they are offering free drinks for original or hilarious abuse.” However, thinking about this I’m perplexed by a couple of things. Is this Spanish bar the only one to let people swear at the waiters and waitresses. I doubt it. I mean poor service usually gets some less than stellar words from everyone. Also, this place isn’t known as a family place is it? Otherwise, I think they must have frequent use of the word ear muff or orejera in espanol.

Thanks Spain for a hilarious Innovation Gone Wrong!

Hondo or Hondo in espanol

Blinking Phone Dress

Hello IGWers,

Maria Sharapova may have hit a real ace with this new one. Her newest invention is the blinking phone dress. The dress is meant to light up whenever the woman receives a call. The whole right shoulder of the dress lights up upon a call. In fact, the shoulder light moves up and down in a scale.

I like the integration with Bluetooth and the endorsement by Sharapova, but I have a couple of questions.

1. Does the light color change if someone spills on the dress?
2. Does the person get odd looks if they receive calls?
3. Does the woman wearing the dress get more prank calls as a result of the dress?

To more fashion gone wrong!


Find more at

Hello IGWers,

This find is a true Innovation Gone Wrong gem. You ever wondered what it would look like if you switched the heads of men and their child(ren). Well the wait is over. Today, Manbabies has some truly hilarious posts of men becoming children and children just getting a little bigger. I’d say kind of a cross between Honey I Strunk the Kids and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Enjoy the photos below. - Dad?

Kentucky Fried Chicken wait Kentucky Fried Beef

Hello IGWers,

Now I have uncovered a lot of crazy and hair-brained innovations, but this one threw me. KFC announced a new grilled chicken line. This line tastes great, but it may be partially for one ingredient I didn’t suspect coming. That ingredient is beef fat. I really don’t know what to think here. If I was supposed to order beef don’t you think I would have? I am not outraged or anything like that just perplexed.

Let me know what you think of Kentucky Fried Beef.