Frosting Flavored Deodorant

Hello IGWers,

A startling new revelation took place last night. Wal-Mart seems to be launching a frosting flavor and smell deodorant. Yep, you heard that right. Amongst many packages of Ax and Old Spice laid a canister of Funfetti. It is unclear how Funfetti was lying in the deodorant aisle but it was. Several questions have been prompted as a result of this startling find.

1. Must a person also put on sprinkles if they first put on frosting?

2. Does frosting anti-persperant last for hours/

3. Do you wreck every pair of clothes you own with frosting deodorant?

Chances are that miscategorization could have been the culprit, but I think that innovation gone wrong could reach new heights if it isn’t.

To more innovation gone wrong!



One Response

  1. Wait. There must be a positive in that somewhere. Like, for instance, how much more enticing a man with frosting-flavored deodorant would be to we-who-love-all-things-sweet. Nerds – the solution is here.

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