Anti-Smell: Zicam

Hello IGWers,

Are you tired of your sense of smell? If you are, you are in luck. 130 patients of Zicam have complained that they have lost their sense of smell due to the drug. You know when I think of cold medicine, I think of maybe being tired, but losing my smell never comes up. If Zicam won’t do it for you, you can quickly remove your sense of smell snorting zinc up your nose.

To more FDA-approved innovation gone wrong!


One Response

  1. Having had sinus problems for years, I have had only limited success with both prescription and non-presciption remedies over the years until a friend recommended Zicam Extreme Congestion Relief Nasal Spray to me. With a couple of soothing blasts in each nostril, I can blow my nose once and have free breathing for upwards of 12 hours! This has allowed for much better sleep, and for myself, avoided colds over this past year since I have used this product. The cost may seem high, but comparing the less effective products to this and combining that to the relief that I have received from using this product, I have found this to be a cost effective way of finding relief. I have heard of reports that some users report a loss of smell, but I have not experienced that, and suffer from no side effects from using this product.

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