The Insult Bar

Hello IGWers,

A bar in Spain is trying to come up with a bit of a different twist to try and get people’s minds off the global recession or at least the recession in Spain for them. They are encouraging people to swear and take their frustrations out on the waiters at the bar.

In fact, as Reuters stated, “they are offering free drinks for original or hilarious abuse.” However, thinking about this I’m perplexed by a couple of things. Is this Spanish bar the only one to let people swear at the waiters and waitresses. I doubt it. I mean poor service usually gets some less than stellar words from everyone. Also, this place isn’t known as a family place is it? Otherwise, I think they must have frequent use of the word ear muff or orejera in espanol.

Thanks Spain for a hilarious Innovation Gone Wrong!

Hondo or Hondo in espanol


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