The Fun Size

Hello IGWers,

Hope your 4th of July weekend was great. One of the questions perplexing me this weekend has got me up in arms. The question is simple. How do you determine the fun size? I mean the fun size evaded the Greeks and the Romans, but it has appeared in today’s society and it is wrecking havoc. I mean if an object goes beyond the fun size; is it fun? Nobody wants to admit that there product isn’t fun beyond a certain size so I leave this questioning more perplexed than when I came in.

Lets examine some of the items that come in fun size.

1. Candy. If I get candy beyond a certain size is it no longer fun?

2. Pitchers. If you can drink more of something is it worse?

3. People. Apparently according to the Urban Dictionary a short person can be called “fun size.” Is this right? Are tall people not fun too?

By a preponderence of the evidence, fun size is a huge load of crap.

The innovations gone wrong keep piling up!


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