Shorts and Coats

Hello IGWers,

The fashion world has gone out on a limb again. This time they have declared that it is acceptable to wear shorts with a tie and a sports coat. This type of action seems more suitable for Rodney Dangerfield or Adam Sandler, but why is upper class America going to this trend?

I feel a little underdressed wearing the wrong shoes, but men not wearing full pants seems a little weird. That is unless you work in ultra-hip advertising or marketing. I just don’t see any I-bankers getting any respect at all strolling into work wearing shorts. I’m pretty sure they have hung men for lesser offenses.

Someone in the creative fashion industry wanted to make a bold statement and they certainly have, but it is a little crazy to assume that chopping off the pants is the best way to go. If this continues, I’m suiting up in a shirt, tie, sport coat, shoes with no socks, miller lite wrist band, iPhone, and Google hat. People may stop and stare, but I’m wired so I’ll undoubtedly turn their voices back over to Overheard in Minneapolis.

This just goes to show you that if you wait long enough you will be able to find whatever fasion is suitable for your liking.

To middle-aged men testing company policy in shorts and ties!



Bacon Bra: The Sexiest and Meatiest Bra?

Hello IGW,

This is one of the funniest finds to date. I present the bacon bra. The bacon bra is the meatiest bra I have ever found. If your definition of fine lingerie is something you can find in your grocer’s freezer you are in luck.

On the bacon bra, I am giving $20.00 USD to the first person who has a picture actually wearing one of these ridiculous things.

To innovation gone horribly wrong.

Hondo- Head Columnist at Innovation Gone Wrong

Bacon Suit

Hello IGWers,

Today I have an incredible find. While many people enjoy eating meat, few choose to wear it.

Today’s awesome find is the bacon suit. The bacon suit is a $100 suit made out of fabric to look like bacon. After that the suit is scented with bacon flavor. This will make your carnivorous mates go wild, but watch out the dogs might be soon to follow.

As always, if you own a bacon suit please write in as I would be amazing to speak with someone that owns one of these suits.

The Bacon Suit


Japanese Animal Bras

Dear IGW Bra Enthusiasts,

Today Japan has raised the bar with the craziest looking animal bra out there. The Japanese company who makes them said they wouldn’t be marketed in Japan, but you gotta be able to sell them here in the U.S.

If you would wear this crazy bra please let me know. Because I’d like pictures from other crazy bra enthusiasts, activists and supporters out there.

Air Bag Underwear

Wired magazine brings us this awesomely terrible invention.

Airbag underwear senses that you are about to fall and blows up. It may be perfect for those of you with terrible coordination, but this sounds ridiculous. If anyone has seen this in action please respond.

Onward to more ridiculous inventions and ideas,

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